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kygekteam.org is deprecated and will no longer active soon. Consider using kygek.team instead.

IMPORTANT: The kygekteam.org domain is nearing it's end of life. Please visit this page for more information.

PocketMine-MP 4 PHAR and Binaries are Now Available for Download!

NOTICE: Public version of PocketMine-MP 4 has been released!
Download it from the official GitHub Releases page.

IMPORTANT: Some services will be discontinued 15 days after the public release of PocketMine-MP 4.
Please read the screenshot below carefully before using any of our PM4 services.

You can download the latest preview PocketMine-MP 4 PHAR below while it's still alive until 15 days after the public release of PM4, however this is not for production usage.
If you want to use for production, please download from the official link above instead.

All PHAR and PHP binary files gets built and updated automatically!
Download it now from KygekTeam Jenkins!


How it got started

   For many years, people have to build PocketMine-MP 4 by installing Git and Composer, using PocketMine-MP 4 PHP binary from Azure and following the steps provided in BUILDING.md. This caused hassles, confusion and many time and resources being wasted. On October 2020, KygekDev decided to make a tutorial video on how to build PocketMine-MP 4 on Windows, after seeing many people struggling to build PocketMine-MP 4. About two months later, he made a similar tutorial, but for Linux operating systems.

   Even though KygekDev has made PocketMine-MP 4 tutorials, he noticed some people still faced with errors and asking for prebuilt PocketMine-MP 4 PHAR instead. Many Android users also started attempting to build PocketMine-MP 4, which is even more complex and requires special PHP binary compiled for Android operating systems. To solve these issues, he decided to make a prebuilt PocketMine-MP 4 PHAR, including the required custom PHP binary for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android operating systems.

Read more about PocketMine-MP 4 on KygekTeam Blog.

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