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kygekteam.org is deprecated and will no longer active soon. Consider using kygek.team instead.

kygekteam.org Domain End of Life

   The kygekteam.org domain will expire on December 24th, 2021 if we fail to earn funding to extend our domain. All sites that uses kygekteam.org will no longer function after the domain has expired. Unfortunately, we don't expect there will be sufficient funding before our domain expires, because we have failed to satisfy our users that there will be enough demand, let alone earn any funding.

   We are starting to deprecate and migrate our subdomains to kygek.team that we have control to. Some subdomains such as pocketmineschool.kygekteam.org will no longer be used because currently it's only purpose is to preserve links. Unfortunately due to lack of access, we cannot migrate the KygekTeam Jenkins to the new kygek.team domain. For your information, the kygek.team domain will also be temporary until we no longer have any domain name, but adding 9 months of life is not too bad.

   Starting on late November 2021 or early December 2021, we will deploy permanent redirects for websites that we have control to from kygekteam.org to kygek.team to preserve SEO scores. Other websites that we don't have control to will remain using the kygekteam.org until either the SSL certificate have expired or the kygekteam.org domain is no longer active.

   We understand that this is a very bad news, but we don't have any other options left. More importantly, we have anticipated for these cases since the domain was registered for the first time. We also have future plans for KygekTeam as well as an upcoming organization named The Kygek Foundation. Unfortunately with lack of knowledge, sometimes things don't work as expected and we need to learn from mistakes the hard way.

   We don't expect the situation will get better, but if you want to get in touch with us, please join our Discord server. We deeply appreciate and thank you for any of your feedbacks and your value towards KygekTeam. We are committed to keep learning from experiences as long as knowledge don't have any limits.

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